Comcast Interview for Pacific Diversified Services

Here is a clip from Comcast Local Edition with Jack Hanson. It’s an interview with Robin and Lisa Giraldi from Pacific Diversified Services. Robin has been a client there for over 15 years. She started by working at Noah’s Bagels but it was not a good fit. Later she started stocking at Banana Republic and has been at the Corte Madera store longer than any other employee now – 12 years!
See Robin’s profile on the PDS site here:

Enjoy the interview!


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3 responses to “Comcast Interview for Pacific Diversified Services

  1. Ellen Ingraham

    What a great interview! PDS is doing such important work, and Robin is the perfect spokeswoman!
    Thank you, Jen, for bringing this to us.

  2. Awesome! And great footage of the interview, Jen! I like the bits before and after the actual televised portion.

  3. Gotta love “10 seconds till what?”

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